The Tryst

Gadis Penjaja Kata

When fray glimpses of moonlight upon the lake’s surface brushed, the night was hushed. Even the wind knew it was a secret, some sort of craze–we stole a stroll that was not supposed to take place. But what is the Heart, if not a faithful betrayer of the Mind? Past Reason’s gate it sneaked, leaving Fate unknowingly behind.

We tiptoed deep into the woods, all covered in hoods. It was foggy, the land was soggy. Our and whatever’s shadows were dancing frantically amidst bulky tree trunks and on the ground… as if desperately spreading around that secret we had, but without a sound.

Farther down the path we continued to tread, the less we dread. What was that secret? I seemed to forget. You seemed so carefree, watching gleefully over the jolly me, prancing away, as I curiously thought I might had heard a bird. And then, suddenly struck by…

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