[Childhood Paradise] Mirror Curse: Huge Daughter, Little Father by chocolakay & Liana D.S


Mirror Curse

Mirror Curse : Huge Daughter, Little Father

splatered with

adventure, comedy, dream, fluff, family, fantasy

a collaboration movie for 2015 IFK Movie Week


Liana D. S



Acted by

Lee Haru and Epik High Tablo (Lee Seunwoong), Choo Sarang and Choo Sunghoon

Minor appearance by

Kang Hyejung, Epik High Mithra Jin (Choi Jin), DJ Tukutz (Kim Jeongshik), Mamamoo Hwasa (Ahn Hyejin), Blo’s Father ; Haru’s Grandfather


Berhati-hatilah terhadap harapanmu.

Kalimat tua ini telah menampar Seunwoong. Keras-keras.


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